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Infested with ads

This game would be a lot more enjoyable if an add didn't pop up after every single level. Not kidding, every single level.

Fun game, too many ads.

Its fun but, It’s super annoying to have to watch ads every time you go to a new level or when you reset the level.

You're ruining your game

The game is decent, and creative but your ads are so frequent and annoying that you're ruining the experience. Trust me you'll make more money having a game that people don't delete in a week.

Ads make it unplayable

The concept of the game looks fine, I wouldn’t really know, I didn’t get past level two because there’s at least a 5 second ad every time you do anything. I honestly don’t understand why. Fix this, because it’s honestly awful. Cheap way to make money, and the game isn’t worth waiting around to play. Wish I could give this game negative stars. WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME


This app is loaded with adds every time you start or beat or retry a level there’s a add trust me just annoying

Wayyyyyy too many adds

You click on the game an add pops up you start a game an add pops up you make one tiny mistake and have to restart an add pops up you finish a level and add pops up you click on the next level an add pops up. I think you can see the pattern here


You can’t go a round without getting some sort of ad in your way. It is too much. It gets in the way of me playing the game when every 5 seconds some sort of ad pops up on the screen. It is ridiculous. I live this game and you probably will too, but if you want to have an enjoyable experience then pay to remove the ads.


It’s fun, but there is at least a 5 second ad in between each level.

Too many ads

This app has enough ads to be a satire.

Way to many ads

There are ads every two seconds in this game

Love it but need to improve something real quick

When I’m connected through WiFi it jumps into adds and when the game starts it already has the box down (map 1 level 53)! Impossible to solve that way!

Too many ads.

It’s a great game and it’s fun to play but there is way to many ads. You restart your turn and there’s an ad, you pass a level there’s an ad, and sometimes an ad just pops up randomly. Also, the game doesn’t have an option to remove ads with pay, or at least it doesn’t tell you there is.

all about the money

I hate games that are all about the money. I played this game for two levels and was already over it. After every***** level you are forced to watch a ad. Nah I'm all set. I'll twittle my thumbs for entertainment before I sit there and watch ads so developers can collect money.


An add after every turn? This game is terrible.

Too many ads

There’s a ad each time you click restart or make it to the next level

It’s okay but the ads make it unplayable

I already watched 4 ads before I even got through the first level. I’m not going to pay for no ads and I can’t just be in airplane mode the whole time. All they care about is making a trendy game and shoving it with ads to make money.

Don't get this

It's a good concept but it's a money grab, 30 second ads are seriously every 15-20 seconds. I only got to level 3 before deleteing. I counted 6 ads in the first 3 levels.

To many adds

It's a fun game but there is way to many adds it's annoying

Ad ad ad

I love the game but I deleted it after ten minutes because I spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game

Lol this is real not a WOO SO FUN review

I just like games like this lol

Genius game

Awesome concept for a game. I couldn't get off the game once I started. I recommend this to everyone, it is an extremely good game. Some levels can be a little too easy, but overall very fun.

Don't play

It's a fun game but to many ads

The worst game ever never download!!!!!!!!!!

First if I wish I could give this negative stars it has no point is retarded plays an ad every five seconds

Too many ads

Would never play a game with that many ads. I got less than 2 minutes into it and had 4 ads. Don't even know if I'd like it enough to pay for it

Good game but the ads are ridiculous

There is basically an ad after everything you do and I don't wanna turn off my wifi


The game overall is fun but the ads are so annoying. I loved the game but ended up deleting the app because there was an ad after everything you do.


The game is really good but to many ads all u idiots have to do is turn off internet then u don't get ads

Impossible to play, too many ads

There's a video clip you have to watch after each level. Each level takes maybe 10 seconds. Then you have to watch a 30 second ad. Not worth it

So many ads

The game is fun. Too many Ads make it not fun.

Too many ads

For every time you restart level or make any progress you get a long ad. Not worth it.


Stop with the stupid adds or ruins what could be a nice game!!! I get you need to make money but cmon be reasonable!!!!!!!!

The Game Awsome. The Ads toss them.

I love this game .i actually got thru all the levels ..i will say getting an ad after everything move you made was irritating I hated it but it was a fun game very challenging i was sad when I finished the whole game ..

Way to much adds

This game is fun but has way to Mitch adds. If only you could remove like half of the adds the game would be better. Remove the adds please

Just let me buy it!

So. Many. Ads. Can't play this game. Let me buy it already. Deleting the app.

Too many advertisements.

Way too many ads. Fun game with out them

AD's Kill this game!!!

This is an awesome think outside the box game but it is impossible to play due to the constant bombardment of ads!! I'll pay for the game if you would let me but no option to buy!! What are you developers thinking I'm done with it I can't take anymore ads!!!

Ads 80% of the time

This game has a potential to be fun but you will be stuck with ads about 80%, not letting you play. Disgusting.


Let me play the game in peace! I cant play it happily without having to put my phone in airplane mode ao i dont get ads. And the stupid ads i get are videos or "previews" which i cant skip right away

Holy advertisements

10 sec of game play 60 sec of advertisements. This developer is money hungry. Just deleted the app (had for less than 5 min)

To many ads

The game is ok but the ads make it trash.

Stupid ads

Dont get it way to many ads

Fun game stupid amount of ads

Ads on ads on ads, I don't quit playing because the game I quit because you have ads anytime you want to do anything. Way too many ads in the game makes it more than annoying and not worth playing.


Game is fun!!!! And if y'all cared y'all would do away with them by giving the option to buy the game!!! THE ADS kill this game


You play for 30 sec then have to watch an ad, then play for 30 more seconds and another ad. Aside from that it's a cool game

Sexual ads

There are to many ads. There are sexual talking/dating websites in some of the ads as well not a game for a kid.


After every try or retry I get a ad I'm sick of it and y'all need to fix that or y'all won't have any people playing this

good game

i like the game but there's an add every other minute :/

Great game!

The only problem is with the ads, and you can fix that bt turning on airplane mode.


This isn't a game it's just a bunch of ads

Would you like to watch a million ads?

Because that's what I just did. Only 3 minutes into the game. Beat like 5 levels, watched 5 ads. Thanks but no thanks. Sheesh.

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