Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles App Reviews

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Terrible glitches

Finish producing the game correctly before making it available. Glitches everywhere make it unplayable. If i could give this game no stars i would.

Creator please read these comments

Who ever made this app clearly can’t read or just doesn’t care. This game has way too many adds. After watching like 5 adds before I got to actually play was frustrating Why why why. Cable news has less.

Too many ads -How can I remove them?

I can’t find any information about how to get rid of the ads.

Could be better

The game is fun but the arrow keys don’t function well and ads are so frequent you can’t enjoy gameplay

iPhone X issues

This game seems fun but constantly pisses me off haha. Happened on level 1, not level 6. When the level starts, the truck automatically tilts back and falls through the floor. Please fix!

This game is awful

Why is the truck falling through the ground on levels 1 and 6? Please fix this and let me know when the game is actually achievable.

Bad Controls, Too many Advertisements!

When I got this game it seemed fairly decent, but every time when you reset you get an advertisement. And if you try to make a ramp for your truck if you try and build while driving your line does a 360 noscope.


I couldn’t reverse. Plain and simple.


Way tooooooooooo many ADS

I've wasted too much time on this game 😅😅

It's super addictive because of how fun it is. 10/10 recommend

AIDS... I mean ads

You will get aids from all of the ads


The game is cool, however, the ads being shoved down our throats every 10 seconds is extremely annoying and ruins the whole game.


Why that many ads? Don’t you want people to play this game?? Or is it just about making money.....

The game was awful

The game is bad, the first challenge didn’t even start I wouldn’t start while the car was stuck and wouldn’t move. Secondly the ads are ridiculously over every second Which makes makes gaming experience Unenjoyable

Stop with the ads

I love the game.... I’ll make a little mistake and I’ll restart and there’s an ad every time, I understand that you need to make money but every time get annoying and makes me not want to play anymore. Please fix it or this game will die quickly.

Absolutely terrible

I wasted a dollar to get to the next level because the previous one lagged so I couldn’t finish it and then I realized all of the levels lag! Terrible

Too many ads

Really enjoyed playing but there are too many ads, I’ve even tried buying a coin pack in hopes that it would get rid of the in game ads, guess they got my dollar for nothing. Stinks too because it would be a lot of fun without them

Game is trash and broken

Truck can not go backwards and truck falls through the floor and won’t move please fix this trash game


This game is so good, it's better than your Uncle Steve!!!!


For god knows what reason I can’t use the backwards motion for my truck and it is making it impossible plz fix

Not compatible with my iPhone X

Can’t drive backwards. First level glitches out.

Non stop ads make this game an impossible pile of S%*T

Don't bother!


I like the concept, but I only got as far as level 3 before it became impossible as far as I can tell. The box isn’t even on the car, and the hint isn’t helpful at all. Also, there’s way too many ads.

Needs work

A lot of levels I instantly fall off the map.... fix

Good concept

Good but glitches on the Iphone X the truck falls through the map. Great concept.

Bugs to work in the iPhone X

Don’t work in the iPhone X Have a lot of bugs

So addicting! Love it, please create add free version

I got my whole family hooked on this game. Only downside is there are too many ads between levels. We would all love (and would pay for) an ad free version.

Inappropriate adds

Frequent and repulsive adds make this game impossible to play, despite the intriguing concept

Good game TOO MANY ADS

This game is very fun and has a lot of potential but there are SO MANY ADS. It’s unbelievable!

Negative Stars

Looks like it would be an entertaining game to play.. I wouldn’t know though since it’s so buggy. Impossible to play for 30 seconds without encountering an issue. Plus there are way more ads embedded in the game than others.

Impossible due to ads

I've never played a game that has as many ads as this game. It's fun but impossible to play due to an add popping up after you press every single button.

To many ads!

You seriously spend more time cycling through ads than you do playing the game.


Can you fix it for iPhone X because I can’t back up. When ever I press the arrow for the truck to go backwards it just draws on the arrow.Other than that the game is really good and fun.

Too many ads

This game is riddled with ads. There is a line between tasteful ad marketing and spam ad marketing. The frequency of the ads completely destroys the play experience of this game. This app could would have been a hit, but the developers got too greedy too quickly. I would not recommend this game to anyone. It’s a shame because it’s a good concept.


This game is okay when u get the hang of it but there is an ad after every 2-3 buttons😡 i cant get the hang of it if i cant play the game. Rather not even play it


Most of the levels are broken

It’s fun but has one major issue

I’d play this game all the way through if it didn’t have an ad after every single level and anytime you hit retry

Good idea, bad implementation

Like I said, it’s a cool idea for a game. But the ads make it unbearable to play.

Don’t Install

Unrealistic and ads pop up after every level or restart.

Good brain game buuut

Advertisements make this game horrible to play, if you’ve messed up once and press the refresh button you’re guaranteed to watch ads numerous times on one level. This is not counting or including the ads you have to watch after completing the levels themselves.

Physics game with terrible physics

Controls barely work, physics are shoddy at best and ads are unbearable. Deleted after a few minutes.

Great idea, terrible execution

Bugs make this game unplayable. Every time I start level six the truck falls through the floor and gets stuck. The ads aren’t that bad, that’s just part of mobile games, but the fact that I cannot continue playing the game due to a seemingly simple bug to fix is inexcusable. A patch would change my rating to five stars.

Could have been good

Ads ads ads. Love these types of puzzles, but the ads are waaaay too intrusive.

Doesn’t work well with iPhone X

It’s very buggy with iPhone X, the reverse button doesn’t work and the car sometimes randomly just falls through the ground on levels making it impossible to complete. Needs an update pretty bad

Great idea done wrong

This game is a great idea and the core concept is really enjoyable. However, there are ads every time you restart the level and the controls are terrible. Also the physics is clearly inaccurate. Cars that should flip over instead just float and stuff sticks to things it shouldn’t stick to, all because the developer was too lazy to implement features a game like this needs.


Every time you move to the next level or restart it play an add. Deleted game just for that reason.


I like this game, but the amount of ads every time I reset makes me want to throw my iPad.

To many adds

Way to many adds like I have to restart and go to next level but oh wait got to watch an add

Glitches galore

Does not work on iPhone X. The truck falls off when you start the level. The first level. Sad!

Broken on iPhone X

I can’t go backwards.

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