Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles App Bewertungen

Too Many Ads

There are just too many ads to enjoy the game

Doesn’t perform properly

The reverse button does not work so I can’t complete half of the levels. Seems pretty pointless to play if I can’t complete half of the levels on the first course and advance on to the next. I’m not very happy with this considering it’s a pretty basic game.

Mind shattering

So... I’m not good with these reviews but I’ll just try and get to the point. This game here has been very fun to play because of all the strategies you can think of to win a level, the game even allows you to play it even without internet and there is a daily login and that doesn’t even need internet to log in! This game is just a fun game to play when you have nothing to do and when you’re bored. 8/10 game. I give the game an 8/10 only because this game is overall fun but I’d like to see the game have more updates, the game carries plenty of potential here.

Doesn’t work with IPhone X

The game doesn’t work if you have an iPhone X. The truck will go forward, but the backup button doesn’t work.


The game is so cool, but at the start of level in multiple levels the truck falls through the bottom and I can’t get enough time to stop it from happening, and when it doesn’t, the truck won’t go in reverse.. is this just an IPhone X problem or what? Please fix so I can enjoy the game!👍🏻


This game is a cool concept, but it does not seem to be working. The truck falls through the floor and the arrows sometimes don’t work.

its good but not great

i love the idea of the game but the problem is that the car gets swallowed by the ground once the level start..and i cant pass level 6 because of that issue..

Too many ads

Too many ads. I feel it’s more about making money than letting the user enjoy the game when there is an ad at every corner.


Not only does this game not function properly, it’s just a downright scam. If you enjoy a mediocre (at best) physics game that rewards you with ads, then you’ll love this one.

Too hard

Very hard game


truck falls through the floor on a lot of levels. also wayyyy too many ads.


In the ad I saw for this on instagram, it showed the second map only and it looked so fun, but map number one is EXTREMELY BORING!!!! I don't want to beat 30 levels so I can play the more fun one, because every time I beat a level, and ad plays!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS IF YOU ARE COMING FROM INSTAGRAM!

Too many Ads!

Love the game but deleting due to ads every minute! Extremely bad in that regard making it unplayable!!!!!!

Too many ads

As the title says, literally after every level you get a full screen stupid advertisement. I deleted it on the first day. What a way to ruin a good idea with greed.

What the truck!?

Got to level 5 and the truck starts sinking right at the start every time. I’ve tried force closing and re-downloading the app several times, nothing works. If they fixed the glitch I would enjoy it.

My truck keeps on falling off the map

My truck keeps on falling off the map

Not worth

Poor instructions. Too many ads trying to learn. Glitch galore.


Hate that I can’t go in reverse, hate that at the beginning of level six and seven the truck just falls at the start through the floor. In order to complete the level I have to restart it over and over and hopefully be able to get the line under the truck so that I can take the box to the green box. If it gets fixed and I mean within the next couple of days I’ll re download the app.



Good idea, bad execution!

The concept is really good, makes you think out of the box! However, a lot bugs in the app! The truck fall in an invisible pit as soon as I start in many levels! Even If I am able to somehow save it becomes an obstacle to achieve the goal! So finally pointless!

Broken? But when it works it’s fun

I don’t know why or if it’s just me but the first level I can’t get by cause I start in this ditch and I can’t get out + plus my truck can’t go backwards help mee

Nah bro...

Can’t even back up because it thinks I’m trying to draw.. wish I could give 0 stars


This game used to be fun and already had a lot of ads before but now it has even more and it kills the game.

Good game, bad ads

It's a nice and entertaining game but it has to many repetitive ads. If you want, turning on airplane mode will lessen ads and still enable gameplay.

So many ads!

After reading the reviews and other people’s negative experiences from December, I decided to still give the game a try. Turns out, game developer did not care enough to listen to comments and the ads make it absolutely unplayable! Do not download, it’s going to be a significant waste of time.

Don’t download

For one. The game is quite interesting and entertaining for the first 5 minutes then you run into all the hug and all the ads. Like seriously please don’t worry about the money so much next time thnx

Not playing Rules of Survival, no matter how many times you tell me to play.

Too many ads.


theres an ad every single time you restart a level and finish a level. the game itself is fun but having to wait 10+ seconds after you messup and have to restart gets really annoying. i understand people have to make money but this is really excessive.

The game is great but the ads are too much

I would pay just to get rid of the ads I love the game but I don’t play because of that. Also what are we supposed to buy with the coins I can’t find anything to do with them lol

Not working on iPhone X. Needs to be optimized

I was having fun until I reached level 6. It won’t let me play it on iPhone X. There must be a glitch. The truck always falls off before I can do anything. Also, on my phone I can’t go in reverse. The game is very interesting though. I would like to play it more.

No good on the iPhone X

It seems like the X screen is to big for the game so the truck falls off the screen

Broken for iPhone X

The truck will fall out of the screen on iPhone X. Needs to be updated immediately

I can’t even play the game

Well I shouldn’t say play because you can play alright, for a good two minutes that is, because ads pop every time you win or restart a level every few times so how can I enjoy the game when the game is filled with annoying ads! Yes! I get they need the money but maybe they could just add a different feature that would reward players for watching ads not just bombarding them every time they restart!

The same final fantasy ad literally every minute

The game itself is fun but it shows the same Final Fantasy ad every single time you beat a level and every other time you retry a level so it ends up happening about once per minute. I’m so sick of seeing it that I will NEVER download that game. Ever. And I’m considering deleting this one. It’s fun but the ad is literally every minute. You can close it after about 5 seconds but I can’t stand it any more. I’ve seen it 1000 times.

Don’t buy ever

THIS GAME STINKS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Every time your click something there is a ad and then backwards button doesn’t even work

Very bad app

Can’t even play because none of the controls work. Lame game.

Back botton

My back botton doesn’t work 😌


Whenever I open a level the truck tips backwards and falls off the map causing me to lose instantly...


Waaaaaaaaaaay too many ads. If I screw up a bunch, sitting through an ad is only going to make me dislike the game more. I wish I’d seen the ratings on this before downloading. I wouldn’t have bothered with this crap otherwise

Game has trouble running on iPhone X

Game has trouble running on iPhone X. Back button doesn’t work, on the first level, the back wheels fall off of the map, and the trucks gets stuck, etc. First map, 6th level, truck falls off map


Literally everything you click on brings you to an add! It is clear this is just a spam game. This game is unplayable


Way to many ads!!!!


I saw this app on Snapchat and decided to try it out but all this really was a orgy of ads every time you try and restart BOOM a 5 second ad pops out and you need to restart a lot in this game due to the drawings being non erasable. Fix this

Bug makes it impossible to play

There’s a bug where the truck falls off as it spawns in making it impossible to play

Terrible glitches

Finish producing the game correctly before making it available. Glitches everywhere make it unplayable. If i could give this game no stars i would.

Creator please read these comments

Who ever made this app clearly can’t read or just doesn’t care. This game has way too many adds. After watching like 5 adds before I got to actually play was frustrating Why why why. Cable news has less.

Too many ads -How can I remove them?

I can’t find any information about how to get rid of the ads.

Could be better

The game is fun but the arrow keys don’t function well and ads are so frequent you can’t enjoy gameplay

iPhone X issues

This game seems fun but constantly pisses me off haha. Happened on level 1, not level 6. When the level starts, the truck automatically tilts back and falls through the floor. Please fix!

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